Buck teeth are the irregular teeth and occur when the teeth start to grow outward due to loss of jaw bone. The front teeth move over the lower teeth and lips. The buck teeth can also increase the chances of the sensitivity and the dental decay. To fix the Buck’s teeth is a really a difficult task to do, there are different methods that are used to get the better and faster results.

But braces treatment is preferred everywhere. The fixing buck teeth treatment via braces also depends upon the condition of the patient jaw bone and another factor that will he bear the pressure of braces or not. Braces are the devices that are usually made of metal and are used to fix the irregularity of the teeth. You can see braces before and after buck teeth to determine how and what changes braces can bring. There are a lot of question in the people’s mind before the treatment and here these are with correct answers:

What are the causes of the Buck Teeth?

The major cause of the buck teeth is the sucking of the thumb or finger or the feeder in the childhood when the teeth are ready to grow. The sucking pushes the supportive bone of the teeth and results in the irregular shape of the teeth. Buck’s teeth lead to the increase in the sensitivity and other dental problems.


Are Orthodontist braces help in the straitening of teeth?

Yes, the use of orthodontist braces to correct the buck teeth is the most successful method even in the serious cases. Conventional Braces are made up of the metal and the wire aligners that grasp the teeth and applied pressure on them. The applied pressure on the teeth causes the teeth to move in the right position. Bands are tied around the teeth with the front brackets. These bands are attached to the arch wires.

These archwires are passed over the brackets. These wires are kept tight so that they help to move the teeth in the right position. These braces are applied by the expert orthodontist for a specific interval of time. It may be for 1 or 2 months. It enhances your smile and makes you confident.

What about the Oral care before and after braces treatment for Buck’s teeth?

One should adopt special care before and after braces treatment. Good oral hygiene is very important during the braces wearing. When you are wearing braces, then there are huge chances of sticking of the food particles in the braces and the teeth. You should learn the proper technique of brushing and flossing from the orthodontist. Now special types of brushes are available in the market for brushing and the flossing of the teeth.

Is the braces treatment painful or not?

braces pain

The braces treatment is uncomfortable at the first because of the exertion of the pressure on the teeth to move them into the right position. But with the passage of time you get used to it.