A lot of people made this silly mistake by giving their dogs foods with some mixed vegetables or other human foods thinking that they can help them in growing very quick. Surely dogs have always been very keen to eat their own food but what about human food like popcorn could you feed them without having mixed it other foods and simply serve them. The answer is yes there are many ways to do that. As a pet owner it is your responsibility to go out on the market and grab the best possible commercial dog food for your pet and you always try to give them with some human food or mixed it with other ingredients but it is totally wrong you are not only doing wrong but playing with your pet’s health that can increase the risks of death and stops it growth in the process.

5 reasons that shows can dogs eat popcorn without using any other ingredients

Popcorns on the other hand are different story they are just simple healthy snack that every dog loves to eat. They are so much tasty that they would never get tired of eating them and you will very much enjoy seeing them crunching with their mouth. It is no necessary that you provide them with other ingredients like butter or cooked with high salt and serve them but you can simply gave them as single piece as well.

With that being said below we listed some real facts about 5 reasons that shows is popcorn good for dogs without using any other ingredients to help you understand as pet owner which are your duties to help and protect your precious pet’s health in every way.

1) Dogs have very strong nose they can smell anything you’ve been cooking and they are fond of human food. So just the way you eat popcorn yourself and baked them in microwave exactly like that you need to make for them. Just make sure the corn and kernel is cooked in light brown color.

2) You may be wondering that using salt, oil, and butter would do great while using them in popcorn, but most dogs you are little pups never liked those things. So try giving them fully cooked unbuttered, and unsalted popcorn and see how they effect on your pet.

3) it is not necessary that you always feed them your own pet human popcorn snack instead the best option for you to go to market and grab commercial made popcorn food which are specifically made for dogs according to their age and they contain so many nutrition’s and minerals as well that helps them in their upbringing.

4) One thing is for sure your dog would never eat popcorn having placed in a bowl instead they want to eat them from your hands because they love to do it. Giving those three to four pieces of them can certainly help increase energy level and don’t use any other supplements to make it tastier or crunchy otherwise it will end up sticking in his neck.

5) the large breeds can swallow the kernels very quickly so always try to gave them when you take them out with you in a park, garden, or for a long walk because they need some exercise to digest them unless if they just sit around and don’t do anything then it can cause stomach problems and will make hard to digest anything else. So try to give them plain popcorn so it won’t harm your dog and always make it fresh and never feed them too old popcorn. You can find this all type of information in care your pets and practice home remedies for your pets.