It is human nature that the most loved thing is the most used. It can be clothing, shoes, jewelry and anything. Whatever it is, it is hard to lose it because of our attachment to it. Especially when we talk about the shoes the most comfortable shoes are used frequently and we hate to lose them. For the continuance of favorite shoes, it requires alimony service throughout its life. In this way, you will not need to throw them out. Your shorter time span for their care will increase their life.

1st Step:
To get back shine white pair of shoes, you should know the complete process that how can you wash white converse. It is a very cheaper method to achieve their brightness because it only requires vinegar, baking soda, toothbrush and a small bowl to make the cleansing paste. Add a measured quantity of vinegar in a bowl and then add baking soda into it, the quantity of both should be maintained in such a way that the cleaning mixture should look like a paste.

2nd Step:
Do not forget to clean the laces of your shoes as well because clean shoes having dirty laces look very dirty. Therefore you should start the cleaning of shoes with laces. Detach them from shoes and soak them in water then apply the cleaning mixture on it and rub with a brush. If it does not help out in cleaning the laces then leave the cleaning mixture for a little duration and then wash them out with cold water. Now there are two options either you have cleaned laces or they still look dirty, in the second case throw them out and purchase a new pair of laces because they are not costly at all but matters a lot in neatness of shoes.

how to clean converse
how to clean converse

3rd Step:
It is effective to run the cold water over white shoes for wetting each and every corner of shoes, as most of the dirt and light stains are removed and shoes will be ready for cleaning. Now you can start scrubbing with a brush, initially, just brushing is performed in order to remove superficial dullness than cleaning mixture is applied with the help of brush on shoes. Cleaning mixture is just like a viscous paste that works smoothly with the brush.

4th Step:
It is important to consider that do it carefully because the high amount of baking soda can interact with vinegar to produce carbon dioxide and bowel will be deluged.
Now start the using cleaning mixture with the brush and scrub the shoes thoroughly. Do not scrub harshly because it will damage your shoes. The fluent light scrub is continued until you see that the color of the shoes is getting better and stains are removing with it. Continue the procedure until the whole shoes is stain free and have same white and bright color. Now wash the shoes thoroughly with cold water and concede them dry, this is how to clean white converse. Now you have again a new white shoe pair that you like the most. Re-attach the laces and wear them again but do not forget to maintain them. Visit following website for more useful tips.