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Today I will be talking about The last of us tricks for game players. the Last of us is adventurous and horror game. It is a dangerous and difficult game that is played worldwide. When the game starts then it seems to be quite and easy but after the passage of time enemies appears from the dark. Here we have provided the top 10 tricks to play the game.

Listening Mode

It is the main feature of the game, in which player can sense and listen the voice of his enemies from a far distance. Player Joel uses this mode to save her life in a difficult situation. To on the mode, press R2. After entering in the listening mode, shadows appeared that is based on the location of the Joel. You can see the enemies from the distant and can increase the distance by upgrading the feature.


Joel is the main player in this game, she is smart and intelligent. She has to face the enemies in various phases of the game. Joel battle against the non-human creature and mummies. You can use the things like bricks, bottles to distract the enemies. All these things are available in the ways, the player can collect it and use in on enemies. But make sure that your location is not known to enemies while throwing stuff at enemies.

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A small mistake in the game can lead you towards the death, so for saving the life of the player, developer have introduced the cover option. This cover saves you from the enemies attacks and saves your power.

When you are in the plain area then use this cover to save attacks from behind. You can use it on the entrances, vantage point, and exits. While running this cover can show your location and can attract the enemies.

Know the Infected

Using this feature, you can get information about the weak points and strong points of your enemies and to gain the advantage from it. Enemies’ runner can be defeated easily by using melee missile, or by the bare hand of Joel. If clicker is done face to face then their death instantly occurs.

Environment Listening mode

This game also supports the noise of the environment. The silence allows Joel to hear the enemy surrounded area easily. These clickers sound or the ravenous groans of the Runners helps you to select the right moves to reach the particular situation.

Choose the Right Weapon

Player face a different situation, and selecting the right weapon to kill the enemy is majorly necessary. The wrong choice can lead the death of the players (Joel and Ellie). If you want to kill clickers than you should reach them with a blunt object and shiv. Joel can kill the runner by her bare hand instead of killing them with a melee weapon. In this game, you have to save the weapons as well.


When you enter the building for the mission, then your danger zone starts. If you use listening mode there then you can’t detect the enemies in the building. Enemies may catch you in the narrow areas.

While entering you should not make noise and should operate the mission in silence mode so that enemies can’t detect you. If you are caught by the eyes of enemies then move backward at the entrance point. At this time both starting and ending states are same.

Upgrade Melee Weapons

Melee weapons are used to kill enemies and runners. As the level of the game increases, the power of the enemies also increases. So, Melee weapons need to upgrade to the dangerous weapons of death. It extends the life of the weapon during the mission.

Play in Silence

Silence is the main thing in this game, if you move without making noise then you can easily kill the enemies. There is sensitive clicker that picks your slight sound instantly. If you double tap on the bottle than it can share your location with the enemies. Just move slowly and silently during the mission.

Save time to Fight A Clicker

Clicker is fast and strong as compared to runners, runners can either be killed with the bare hand of the Joel or from a direct shot to the head. You should not spend time in killing runners with a shot. Do spend the time to defeat the clickers, you will lose every time when you come across them. They have high-level power and can destroy you with a breath. You should reach them with the stealth because sometimes guns or other weapons does not work properly.