Virtually everybody desires to be a chef these days. Even though the profession has been seriously painted in the media over the past few years, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that the job demands lots of skill, difficult hours and at times less than sufficient pay. Because chefs manage kitchen staff and resources, including meals preparation, chefs are also referred to as head cooks.


Chefs make their money by working regularly including the early morning supervision of the delivery of food supplies, and late evening close up of the kitchen while also planning for the next day.

The duties of a chef depend on their titles:

  • The executive chefs are the last authority in kitchens. They organize menus, hire and coach kitchen staff, and also oversee the activities of assistant chefs.
  • Sous-chefs function as the deputy chef
  • Specialist chefs concentrate on the types of food like salads, meat, pastries, vegetable and soups.


To answer the question how much does a chef make in a month, I will say chefs can make high salaries if they work hard and keep on improving their skills. Conversely, their pay greatly depends on a number of things which include: Their position (may be sous chef, head chef or assistant chef), experience, location and the place to work; all of these contribute in their pay and benefit packages.


PASTRY CHEF: They possess a degree from a cooking institute, with at least 2 years of working experience in the kitchen. The job demands them to be innovative and experienced in baked goods and pastries. A skilled pastry chef yields breathtaking work of art from the kitchen. The range of salary for a pastry chef is between $2,000 up to a little above $5,000 per month. There are also some packages that give incentives to what someone would refer to as a lower pay scale.

SOUS CHEF: They took over whenever the executive chef is not available. They are well skilled in kitchen administration and the management of staff, plus being an expert chef. The starting salary for a sous chef is between $2,000 to a little below $5,000 monthly. The more the experience, the higher goes the pay scale.

Assistant Chef: They work intimately with the head chef while preparing the menu. The assistant chef must be skilled in the kitchen operations and management of staff members. They create dishes that harmonize the chef’s entrees. Their average salary is about $2,500 monthly.

SUSHI CHEF: As a result of the preparation conditions for fish, a sushi chef should be well trained in the art of Japanese cooking. There are health conditions and some safe food handling procedures that should be adhere strictly to when making sushi. A sushi chef can begin with a pay of $2,000 (for a sushi chef with little experience) and increase to about $6,000 for a sushi chef with years of working experience.

Executive Chef: A chef earns the title of an executive chef through several years of training and skill. The executive chef manages the whole operations of the kitchen and staff. They put the menus in order; create new recipes, finds out which ingredients will be utilized and also stays updated with what whatever happens in the food service industry. With just a little experience in the kitchen, an executive chef earns about $4000 or more per month. As their reputation and experience grows, the pay can increase to about $7000 or more per month.

I will say cooking is among the top paying salaries jobs. Do you love cooking? Then consider being a chef!