National Sister Day is the celebrated on the first Sunday of the August; National sibling day is the day on which you can give wishes and gifts to your sisters. Sister Day or sibling day is celebrated to give honor to the sister or brother. It is the event similar to the father day and mother day. You can celebrate the sister day with your sister. This is the best time for you to show your love to the sisters or the siblings. At this day you can share old memories with the siblings and make this day special and memorable ever.

How is National sister day is celebrated?

National siblings day is commonly celebrated in the countries like America, India Australia etc. There are different methods adopted by the people to celebrate this day. You can celebrate this day by arranging a party or picnic for the sister. Or follow the following tips to celebrate the sister day:

  • Wish your Sister

The first thing that you do on the national sister day is to wish your sister the best wishes of the national siblings day. And make a deep hug to your sisters forgetting the entire quarrel and misbehaves on that day. Start your day with the smile and kind words. These words and the smile will show you a deep love for the sister.

  • Buy Gifts for the Sister

Exchanging the gift at any occasion can increase the love among the people. You can also give the gift to your sister at this day. Girls are conscious to collect the different shades of the lipstick and nail polish. Some love jewelry and other cosmetics. Now it is up to you that which gift your sister will like. So, buy the gift according to the taste of the sister and present it to her.

  • Arrange Lunch or Dinner

If your sister is the food lover then you should definitely make a plan for the dinner or lunch. Arrange the dinner or lunch in the favorite restaurant of her. Girls like to eat the spicy and the fast food. So, you can make arrangement related to the choice of your sister.

  • See the old photographs

Remembering the old memories is the best thing that makes us smile. Share your old memories with each other and see the photographs of the past years that you had snapped together. This is the best way to spend the time together. Visit National sister day quotes to send her beautiful images.

Background of the National siblings day

National sister day is now celebrated in most of the part of the world. It was first to discover by the lady Claudia Evart. She is the founder of this event. She celebrated this day for the memory of the sister and the brother died in the early year of the life. Sister Day is not federally recognized but the Foundation is working to support the National Sister Day and to introduce this in the Federal system. In 1998, the governors of the 49 states have announced the celebration of this day in the country.

Raksha Bandhan Event

Raksha Bandhan is the event of the Hindus. It is celebrated by the Hindus in the respect of the brothers. It is also known as Rakhi. It is celebrated on the full moon of the Sravana with respect to the lunar calendar. In this event, the sisters bind a Rakhi on the wrist of her brother. This Rakhi is the sign that the arms of the brother protect her from any danger. After binding the Rakhi, sisters receive gifts from their brother and gave them sweet with a tilak on the forehead of the brother. This day is similar to the National Siblings Day. Visit to share sister day images, Graphics, messages, quotes and more.