Submission too much, does not mean unconditional love, but insecurity, as well as obedience, without contest, you may have allowed blind …
When we add besides not our desires, yet allow them to be canceled, thereby making only the other is prioritized. it’s time to breathe and review the concepts.

So Romantic Selection Of Love Quotes
So Romantic Selection Of Love Quotes

He existed, I loved him, I wanted to me every second.
It hurts to think that we have only memories of all that one day it happened, it hurts to think that everything was in vain, it hurts every memory that the heart feels when the mind wants forget.

And in the vacuum of all that once was feeling, there is a void.

I love as love Have heard that we are able to fall in love many times, and that in life we know and live in various loves, some good, some bad and others who do not know the true meaning, just live them all … However, I believe that true love … that you only find good morning my love um e found mine: you!

love is to understand
it is crazy, constantly
full, striking
so I love your eternal love while there that is long and quite serene and bright because my life is you love shines as the light of dawn and we share serene and beautiful as you it is important to share to never forget

I lost someone I love and feel to lose ground, it was as if the air missing as take a piece of my heart. I know we will all go one day, when our time comes do not have as avatar a death is part of being alive is like respire. so know who dies before leave us a piece of them and take a piece of us.

Keep the love inside the soul and not in heart. When you save a love in his heart he is lost with time. He disappears as the heart makes the decomposing in a coffin buried six feet. By aggregating loves, the soul man makes them overcome death. Loves thus will be saved for all eternity.

My poor heart quivered
sighs to pass out my chest,
To fill it with love, I knew
had only a kiss yours!

You are who rules the roost in this heart that beats only because of love you, give you the world if necessary.

I was so since you went away, took my heart was loveless

When I think how much I loved you so much my heart. Do You hurt me deeply and made me in solitude? This maggot and such not only because it left. But because he joked coming. and this hurts devours me. I never went back to smile. my joy and a false mask. Because always love .and anyway. I will never forget you.

A heart already lived, that loved one
have not learned to me balance and live
and the loosened roots as tree tumbled
So gradually die without the care of someone
water, warmth and love, I do not deserve anyone
there leave
forever remembered I’ll never be
because I am not a person
who knows in addition
I am someone

I fought for the two
I loved you unconditionally
I did not betray your heart
I cried and begged around us
I slept asking your return
I woke up crying in desperation
I cried, I asked I humbled myself
I know mistakes I made but I fought
and beyond all I loved you.
But today my right, I’m done.

Heartbreak for want, conquered by winning, I fell in love Why fall in love, loved by love, I was happy you gone Conquest ended Happiness was not But love still left party the heart is without you to love me The nights I’m dreaming but sadly upon waking

Life made me say goodbye
the person who most loved
without taking it from my heart,
made me apologize for
what I did and what I failed to do …
make me dream awake,
makes me weep with nostalgia
without shame
it made me feel the pain of goodbye …
make me love you, yesterday, today,
tomorrow and forever ….
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